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The Holy Quran with Original Arabic Text ( Mushaf al-Madinah ), Fine Quality Paper, Excellent Gold Print Hard Cover. Transliteration in Roman Script and English Translation by Abdulah Yusuf Ali. To read the Arabic text of the Quranic verses in their correct form is a prime importance to every Muslim, As the meanings of the Arabic words are changed with little changes of the diacritics. To help those readers and reciters who are not familiar with the Arabic language or cannot read Arabic, the publisher has prepared this edition of the Holy quran inserting the transliteration of the Quran versed along with their translation. It is hoped that this presentation will be of great help and benefit in this regard. 3 Columns on Each Page (as in above picture) The left: Transliteration of Arabic pronunciation written in English The middle: The originalArabic Text (Mushaf Al Madinah) The right: English translation. Makes it easy to read for those who are not familiar with Arabic alphabets and try to practice at their own pace. Translation: Abdullah Yusuf Ali Cover: Hard cover Excellent Gold print. Size: Approximately 8''x10''x1.5'' Cover color: Metallic shinning multi-color printed cover Weight: Approximately 3 lbs. Pages: 744 pages Deluxe Edition, Ps: Cover could be different color than shown in the picture., Available in two colors, Blue or Green.


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